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Bekijk het ijshockey-spektakel op NapoleonTV!

by ID221414_Wordpress

Have you ever watched ice hockey? It is an absolute top spectacle that is hugely popular in North America, Russia, Scandinavia and Eastern Europe. In the NHL, you get the most bang for your buck: the best players, the fullest stadiums and the best games.


On October 7, the 105th season in the NHL began and the teams have already played at least five games. Time to take a look at what’s going on!


New Jersey Devils – Washington Capitals 

The Capitals won the Stanley Cup in 2018 but have not made it past the First Round since. This season they started poorly, with 3 W’s in 6 games. The Devils also won 3 times, but only needed five games.


Ottawa Senators – Dallas Stars 

Dallas Stars, the leader in the Central Division, visits the Senators, who are in the sub-top. The Stars have the best defense for the time being, conceding just 1.6 goals per game.


Edmonton Oilers – Pittsburgh Penguins 

The Oilers are mid-table in the Western Conference and receive the Metropolitan Division leader. The Penguins have the best offense in the NHL (5.2 goals per game).


Winnipeg Jets – St Louis Blues 

The Jets have already lost three of their five games, while the Blues have already won their only three. The latter conceded barely 5 goals. Can the 2019 champions shine again this year?


Vegas Golden Knights – Toronto Maple Leafs 

Both teams have already taken eight points. The Maple Leafs are one of the most successful clubs ever (13 Stanley Cups in 21 finals) but their last win dates back to 1967. The Golden Knights reached the NHL final in 2018.


Vancouver Canucks – Carolina Hurricanes 

The Canucks are the only team that has failed to win once this season. They take an average of 4.5 goals per game, but the Hurricanes only score an average of 3.4/match.


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