november 27th

When Best
Becomes Better

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Enjoy 14 days of increased winnings on your favorite free game.


Your team goes 2 goals up?
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2 weeks of increased winnings on Napoleon 2.0.


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When Best Becomes Better

27 November 2023. The date that will change Napoleon forever. From then on, we will enter a new era - together with you, our beloved player. Get ready for a fantastic betting experience with unique Promos - yep, unseen in Belgium! Are you a Casino fan or a champion in Sports Betting? You've never had so much choice at Napoleon. We look forward to welcoming you on 27/11 at Napoleon 2.0!

Napoleon Social

You’ll never bet alone. And you can take that quite literally! Join Napoleon Social, the integrated social network where Napoleon players can share their tickets, follow their friends and explore tickets from the best players. Follow our Special Guests and get in touch with them in our chat rooms, share your analysis and follow their bets!

Daily Spin

Do we even need to introduce this all-time classic? Try your luck at the Daily Spin every day! Collect the legendary Napoleon Coins and redeem them for great cash prizes. But that’s not all… From November 27th onwards, the Daily Spin switches up a gear with increased winnings. And that for 14 days in a row.


No more panic attacks when your team has a confident lead, because here's the Promo that settles your bet before the final whistle: 2UP. Does your football team have a 2-goal lead? Stop the count and start jumping around, because we consider your bet as winning. Yep, regardless of the final result. You get your cash immediately on your account. The life of a player doesn't get any sweeter, does it?